• NYCC 2014

The Latest From The Jelly Empire

Jelly The Pirate!

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Jelly is once again starring in his 3rd comic!  Just like in the past couple of years, I hope to debut this for New York Comic Con 2014.  My past 2 comics were based on the heroic... READ MORE

Radio Show Interview!

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I am honoured to be a guest on the Anime-Zing Radio this weekend and I can’t be more excited!  This will be my first radio interview so I hope some of you will... READ MORE

The Jelly Empire x Argonaut Resins Teaser

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Preparations are well underway for NYCC, and one of the projects that I have been working on has been with Argonaut Resins.  Both Argo and I will be sharing a booth this year at New York Comic... READ MORE

A Sneak Peek From Shlii!

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There is a robot army being built by the talented Jackie Ashley of Shlii Kawaii Handmade Toys!  She and I have joined forces and are working on some NYCC exclusives of your favourite cuddly... READ MORE